🤔 Perhaps this picture shows a bankable athlete between his new club’s Presidents right after signature ✍️….

Yet truth is way beautiful 🤩 :

🙏🏾International Business Center Monaco (IBC) and the entire wonderful team persons 👌🏾managing perfectly the place, gave us great & unconditional logestical support + local admin advises to launch 🚀 successfully settled CLEAN GREEN Monaco start up from day 1 : a year and a half ago already .

😇 We (CGM🌱) were really glad to be a seed company among others and creating good inspiring synergies between us.
Get inspiration from multiple talents & professionals .

🐣 IBC acted like a true business incubator center to CLEAN GREEN Monaco .

🫵🏾 Giving us the best to achieve very first goals and be in a position to expect more significant wins in 2023 through hard efficient work dedication .

✌🏾Now we are happy to be able to scale our company KPI’s and so on evolve to another chapter by getting pretty soon our own new office place and show room in Monaco .

🙏🏾Alexander Sibony and Jonas Ogren : I’ve been really appreciated your dedicated management always focus on persons companies well being to make us people bankable. 💚💙✊🏾

⭐️ We’re leaving yet we’ve founded friends and partners bounded by healthy relationships .

CLEAN GREEN Monaco is just beginning is journey 😇🚀